Junk Journal #1

I am happy that I feel so much better today compared to the last 2 weeks of tummy pains. Medyo kalmado na ang tiyan ko. Oo, nag self medicate lang ako pero promise, when find a job again, I will have myself checked by a doctor. 

My sleeping habit is super ok. I sleep around 9pm and wake up at 6am. My eating habit is ok, too. I make sure to eat breakfast and more importantly, eat on time; 3 meals plus a snack in the afternoon. I just have to work out on eating HEALTHY meals. I can do it. Slowly but surely. 

Speaking of eating habits, I started tracking my food intake since yesterday. Writing it on planner I bought from IamArtisan. I am using it a tracker now making sure that I eat a balanced diet. So far, it’s far from ‘balanced’ but at least I am TRYING. 

It’s already 7:35 pm and I am just sitting in the couch, typing this entry while my niece is watching Kubo and the Two Strings

I am ending this entry now and I am off to bed later. Good night.


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