Junk Journal #2

Not much happenings today. Still feeling better except for this weird thing — I am having difficulty peeing. Maybe it’s becuase of my water intake the past weeks. When my tummy pain started weeks ago, I also started drinking less water. I think I drink only 4-6 glasses now. Tomorrow I will start drinking 8 glasses and hope everything’s going to be fine already so I can start looking for job again. I don’t need any distractions so I can really focus on the job hunting.

Niece wanted to jog on Saturday, which is tomorrow, but I told her it’s better to do it on Sunday because it’s more fun to exercise when there’s a lot of people. It’s like a fiesta around CCP complex during Sundays. You will see a lot of joggers, runners, cyclists, aero and zumba dancers. It feels like a party, actually. The sunday ambiance gives you more motivation to work out. 

Okay, time’s up. Im sleepy already. Maybe I should do this junk journal thing in the morning so I can think and write clearly? Sorry for my shallow entries. I am not really good at writing or at sharing experiences but I am trying to be good at both. One of the reasons I did this junk journal thing is to improve my writing skills and also be able to honestly express my thoughts and feelings. I am 34yrs old but I believe it’s not yet too late to learn, right?



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